We have an artist in our class.

And now is the time to re-nominate her

For Ashley Hallís alumnae award!



Ashley Hall honors three graduates during alumnae weekend.

One award is Excellence in the Arts.

Last year as a class we nominated Nancy Ricker Rhett (see attachments).

This year, letís nominate as individuals by sending a few comments to.

ecklenburgs@ashleyhall.org and mdbarham@comcast.net

Please write briefly how/why you feel Nancy qualifies or her influence on art and/or on you as we witnessed her talent in our A.H. years.

You donít have to copy from the attached documents (which the committee still has on file); theyíre here for your information.

And when Nancy wins, weíll have a mini-reunion to cheer her on!


 Be sure to read the attachments that Marsha created...they are impressive.  Pickle just has to win! 


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